FRED Strategy

Leadership and Development

Rethinking Leadership

No matter how brilliant a plan is for a business, if the people within the business are not operating at their best then the business, and individuals, will suffer. At FRED we are passionate about people, their wellbeing and how to bring the very best out of people. We work hard to understand the dynamics of teams and see people as individuals. We focus on what people are brilliant at and support them to do their very best work, with a happier, healthier and stronger outlook.

Leadership and Individual Programmes

Our board, leadership & development as well as one-to-one coaching & mentoring programmes supports individuals and teams to thrive, resulting in companies that get to keep their best people, are stronger and more agile in the marketplace as well as building happier, healthier team members.


Leadership and Management

Tailored Leadership and Management Support and Coaching

Fred’s leadership coaching & support are totally personalised according to the business need. Boards frequently needs some support in defining a new strategy, help in identifying new opportunities or creating a new roadmap to success Importantly, ¬†we then help to align the team as Leaders to implement their plans throughout the company.

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Individual Coaching

Individual, one-on-one Coaching

Our coaching offers a unique and collaborative, human-centred approach working to support individuals who are faced with crisis, new support in preparing for a new challenge, need help in optimising their performace or want to re-think a new path in life.

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