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Rethinking Leadership

No matter how brilliant a plan is for a business, if the people within the business are not operating at their best then the business, and individuals, will suffer. At FRED we are passionate about people, their wellbeing and how to bring the very best out of people. We work hard to understand the dynamics of teams and see people as individuals. We focus on what people are brilliant at and support them to do their very best work, with a happier, healthier and stronger outlook.

Our board, leadership & development as well as one-to-one coaching & mentoring programmes supports individuals and teams to thrive, resulting in companies that get to keep their best people, are stronger and more agile in the marketplace as well as building happier, healthier team members.


One-on-one Coaching

One-to-one coaching senior leaders to support development, transition into a new role or a new phase or a need to address and support particular challenges and business or persona changes.

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Leadership Coaching

Modular development programmes for leaders and leadership groups to support a current need to build and stronger more engaged team. Highly valuable following a merger or major business change or challenge.

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Managing Change & Career Transition

Assisting with the development of a programme for the planned transition into new roles or new lives after strategic change or retirement including one-to-one coaching support.

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Conflict Resolution & Mediation

We help to resolve workplace and relationship issues and disputes through a combination of our training in mediation and coaching together with our Senior Executive experience.

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Mental Fitness

We recognise the challenges of sustaining mental fitness and how life and work can affect work and life. We introduce activities and behaviours that can improve and maintain mental fitness and reduce the risk of a deterioration in mental health. Our team includes Chartered Clinical Psychotherapists and Psychologists to provide support in this area to to leaders at all levels of your organisation

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Business Advisory

As business grows or pivots, the pressure on people and legacy strategies require a new way of thinking, a new approach and often a new personal or professional purpose. We help define purpose and values for organisations, individuals and teams, evolve cultures and support how change for the better is swiftly accepted and embedded.

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Business Retreats & Offsite Facilitation

We design and lead and facilitate bespoke offsite retreats for individuals, leadership groups or all company events. Follow-up sessions on an individual and group basis will ensure optimum measurable results are followed through.

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Resource & Succession Planning & Org Design

Develop structured programmes to support the review of resource, re-design and implementation of changes to organisation structure and for the selection of leadership roles.

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